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National Lingerie Day

From leather and lace, luscious to luxurious, La Moda Lingerie has something to help you celebrate National Lingerie Day.

National Lingerie Day, April 24, gives you a reason to splurge and indulge in your femininity. The French first brought us the word “Linge”, for linen. Soft, luxurious, and feminine. Today we celebrate the influence of the French as we also celebrate the curves of women across America for National Lingerie Day.

Lingerie offers the perfect fit and style for everyone, whether pairing pieces together for a sexy bedroom look, or donning a chemise for bedtime. La Moda Lingerie provides the choices--from functional to fun.

Leather lingerie

Leather, although not typically practical for under clothing, can give you a risque temptation for the bedroom or a sexy alternative for a night out on the town. Teddies, bodysuits, and corselettes comprise our Adore Collection. But, for a racy undergarment to surprise your man after a night on the town, the Adore Collection has leather bras and panties that awaken the senses underneath the “little black dress”. The collection covers the gamut from sheer to lace for the caged vixen or the angelic kitten. To shop La Moda Lingerie’s Adore Collection, click here. It’s alluring, sexy styles will excite you.

3-piece sets

For the lady who wants a complete outfit, the 3-piece sets cover the request. Under your favorite outfit, whether at work or play, National Lingerie Day can be complete from the inside out. An adjustable bra provides the perfect fit for any cup size. Underneath it all the bra is paired with a matching panty. Finally, to add some sizzle and flirtatious suggestions to the evening, a garter provides a peek at the sexiness underneath. A 3-piece set can help a woman feel finished and pretty from the inside out. If you want a complete look outside and inside, shop La Moda Lingerie’s collection covering you with satin, lace, or sheer options in bras, matching panties, and corsets.

Teddies: The One-Piece Wonder

A teddy is a versatile piece of lingerie that can offer comfort and femininity for sleepwear or sensual, sexy invitations to display your curves and invite your partner to enjoy. Teddies are also referred to as chemises or camiknickers and covers both the torso and the crotch in one piece, similar to a swimsuit only looser.

Covering both the torso and the crotch, a teddy can be a functional undergarment used to hide panty lines under a form-fitting dress. Sensual, flowing, and functional, the teddy invites you to use it both day and night.

At night the teddy can invite romance, enhancing the curves of the woman’s body. Made of a variety of materials, teddies can be sheer and sexy or satin, clinging to every curve in a soft, luxurious draping.

For a multitude of teddies to add to your wardrobe, perfectly suited for day or evening, we invite you to shop La Moda Lingerie’s current selection of styles and colors. From risque to demure, we have your style.


A small, yet feminine collection of nightgowns offer women comfort and style while lounging around the house. Floor-length styles enhance every curve of the woman’s body from the shoulders and neck to the thighs, seductive yet modest.

La Moda Lingerie’s collection this season has a sensual lace nightgown in both black and pink. In addition, the season’s neutral color is a feminine, flirty peach. The collection offers two options in the season’s hottest color.

Whether lounging around the home, enjoying your morning cup of coffee, or closing the door on the day and retiring to the bedroom, a beautiful nightgown is the perfect accompaniment. Shop our season’s collection of nightgowns today.  

Bras and Bralettes

National Lingerie Day would not be complete if we didn’t mention a woman’s most utilized undergarment--the bra. From basic to unique, pushup to V-neck,  our bra collection has you covered.

Daytime options include lace, satin, or mesh, all with matching panties. La Moda Lingerie’s bras and bralettes provide quality, comfort, appealing style and seduction under your daytime clothing for both work and the weekend’s events.

For a seductive evening flirty bows, revealing lace, and plunging necklines can add some spice to the bedroom. Who says bras and panties need only be functional? Ours are flirty, feminine and provocative.

If you are ready to add some spice to your collection, we invite you to visit ours here.

Plus Sized Women

Our plus-sized collection offers all the captivating, sultry, provocative features found in our ladies line. Open cup teddies show off your robust breasts while subtly covering your curves. Babydoll chemises enhance your curves with a choice of floral patterns, satiny softness, or lacy seductive styles. Teddies, bralets, camisoles with matching robes, and lace mini dresses take the plus sized woman from day to evening with equal sensuality and feminine style.

La Moda Lingerie offers plus sizes from 1X-3X. We will help you show off your curves in style. Shop our collection here.

Bridal Lingerie

With the arrival of Spring comes the anticipation of the June bride. National Lingerie Day gives you the chance to plan for that special night in your life. After you say “I do” to the man of your dreams, you eagerly await your wedding night together. Combining elegance and sexuaity, you’ll captivate him in one of our bridal sets.

A set with matching bra, panty and corset is perfect to pair under the wedding gown. And once your big day is done, a white chemise with matching jacket captivates and invites for a sensual, special evening together.

La Moda Lingerie knows how to celebrate a woman’s big day with the perfect bridal lingerie. If you are looking in anticipation as a June bride, National Lingerie Day is the perfect time to shop.

La Moda Lingerie specializes in bringing you quality undergarments at affordable prices. Offering value, style, and fit we invite you to shop our entire collection from bras to “girls night out” dresses. Whether you have that special someone or you are looking to attract him, we can give you what you are looking for.

National Lingerie Day, April 24, gives you a reason to splurge and indulge in your femininity. The French first brought us the word “Linge”, for linen. Soft, luxurious, and feminine. Today we celebrate the influence of the French as we also celebrate the curves of women across America for National Lingerie Day.


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